How much will I make? FAQ

Our Standard Margin

In order to make products accessible we're marking everything up on a 30% margin (fees included) and paying out 20% of the Subtotal Price to you and keeping 10% to keep operations going.

Can I mark things up higher?

Absolutely, you can mark things as high as you want and we can adjust your percentage earned accordingly.

Can I set commission rates per product?

Yes. For example, if you wanted to make $10 every time a certain product sold we can mark it up accordingly and set your rate to "pay $10 every time this item is sold" without affecting the rest of your items.

Does someone have to click on my link for me to get paid?

No. You will be awarded a royalty for everything in your collection. No link needed. It is there just by default.

Is there a Partner Portal to see my sales?

Yup. You can see everything in real time and even set up email alerts every time something in your store sells. If you're a streamer we also offer streamer alerts overlay at no cost.

How can I receive payment?

Currently payouts happen via paypal. Please contact us to set up your partner account if you haven't already.

How often am I payed out?

As long as you sign up for our partner program and activate your account with your paypal details you will be automatically be paid 1-2 times a month depending on your balance levels.