An Open Letter to Jayingee


First off, thanks so much for reading this and huge shout out to your community for sharing it with you. :3

We thought an open letter that everyone can see would be more personal than a random long DM on Twitter or something.

We could’ve mailed it to you, but we didn’t know which Wendy’s in Ohio was still your work address (lol).

Let us get right to the point - we're a little merch company/team/family and we'd absolutely love to make cool stuff that everyone in your community can enjoy!

We've worked with dozens of creators and have gotten all kinds of cool artwork and illustrations done for tees, hoodies, hats and even weird stuff like bean bag chairs and flip flops (why not?!). How about a shirt with your star code on it so you can stop reminding people to use it for their Robux? See we're already brainstorming over here! Feels like we're old friends.

We know creating content is a ton of work so we let you be as hands on or off as you like with the background work of making swag so you can choose to focus on trolling people on Roblox and repairing your relationship with Billy. Also, everything we make is printed to order so our partners never have to pay for bulk inventory or anything annoying and risky like that.

We'd love to chat about what else we can create for you, and if that gets you excited you can hit us up through this form on our site or email Chris directly at


Robyn, Ron and Chris :3

PS: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not too far away so it would be great to get in touch ASAP to get something in the works for those dates! :D