An Open Letter to ThinkNoodles

Dear Justin,

We’re so thankful to you for reading this letter! We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to hear what we have to say, truly! :3

We know most companies just send a random DM or a quick email, but we’d rather reach out with something more personal and this open letter was the way we wanted to go about that.

Now, who we are: Hi, we’re Swag Junkies! We’re a merch company, but more like a family, and we work with a variety of different content creators just like you to hook up your audience with some swag! We make the classics like shirts and hats, but we also do things like stationary or bags, or maybe even a ThinkNoodles bowl for that sweet, sweet ramen? We want to create artwork that represents you, and we think this hoodie looks as good as it does delicious!


We don’t want to take any of your time away from Kopi, so that’s why we give our creators the option of being as hands on or off as they’d like. You don’t have to trouble yourself with things like colour choices or designs - we can do it all for you! Another benefit is that all of our products are printed to order so you’ll never pay for bulk inventory/any other hidden fees.

If you want to further this conversation, please contact us through this form on our site, or email Chris directly at

Say hi to Rachelle for us <3


Robyn, Ron and Chris :3

PS: With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching quickly, it would be great to get in touch before then to discuss launches! :D