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At Swag Junkies we try and take a wholistic brand approach when it comes to your social media presence. Or just a fancy way of saying "consistent throughout." 

Since you are a streamer or a content creator chances are is that you have accounts are all of the social media platforms, from twitter to facebook, twitch, instagram, tiktok, pinterest and more.  Its hard to keep up with everything sometimes but what's super important is that your brand has to be consistent in voice as well as visually throughout the platforms - as to help ingrain in your customers mind who you are and to spark an "oh yea, I've seen this streamer before, i remember that logo" moment. 

While having a logo is create you're going to have to create a banner to appeal to the human senses.  The problem is that every single website in the world decided that they wanted to include different confusing banner sizes.  We hope that the shortlist below can help to navigate this banner creation process. 


Banner Sizes (WxH in px) 

 Twitter  1500 x 500
Facebook 851 x 315 
LinkedIn 1128 x 191
Instagram Story 1920 x 1080
Youtube Desktop Banner 2560 x 423
Youtube Tablet Banner 1855 x 423
Youtube Mobile Banner 1546 x 423
Twitch Offline Banner 1920 x 1080
Twitch Profile Banner 1200 x 380 



Hopefully this short list proves to be of good use and if you would like us to add any other sizes please reach out 


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