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How it works

You can select from hundreds of products from any of our fullfilment partners (below) at Printful, Gooten & Teelaunch. 

Simply send us the link to the products you'd like and the artwork you'd like on it via email and well take care of all of the uploading.

We can also prefill your store with top selling products with your artwork, just let us know. 

Once an order is placed through your storefront we send it to our suppliers and monitor ever step of the process from quality assurance to customer service and tracking.  

We also work tirelessly to ensure that any order that comes through that may be out of stock is substituted with a similar product so that you don't lose any sales! 

We take care of all of the details so that you can keep creating and building your community. 

You will receive a generous 60% Profit Split on the profit that is generated from all of your merchandise minus taxes and shipping. 

We will also provide you with a monthly report of everything that sold in your store and pay you monthly via Paypal.

You will never be charged any fees to host your store and will never have to sign any contracts! Never ever. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a monthly charge to host a store?

It is FREE to host to your at Swag Junkies and will always be free forever.

How often am I payed for my sales?

Payouts happen in the beginning of each month for the profit that is owed to you via Paypal.

How do I upload products to my store?

Once you find the products you want to add to the store: Send us an email: 
or use the product request form in the footer menu.

How long does shipping take, and how much will it cost me?

Once a product is sold it goes into production which can last 3-7 business days, shipping depending on the location can be 3-14 working days depending on the country of order fullfilment and whether it is going internationally.  Shipping is never charged directly to you and taken out of the profits on what the customer pays. 

How do I order Samples?

We offer a generous discounts for samples, simply email us at on what you would like and we'll generate a unique discount code for you to use at checkout. 

Didn’t find an answers to your questions?

Get in touch with us for details to any questions you may have.