An Open Letter to KonekoKitten

We want to start by thanking you for reading this letter, and huge props to your community for getting it to you! :3

We thought that this would be more interesting way of reaching you than sending some long DM or email attachments. Our backup plan was to spam Cool Math Games and see if they'd get a hold of you for us. ;)

To introduce ourselves, we are a small merch company (but we're sort of a family) and we'd be absolutely honored to have the chance to work with you on some cool swag for your community!

We've worked with many fab creators and have gotten all kinds of original artwork and illustrations done for t-shirts, sweaters, hats or in your case, perhaps a pair of socks made specifically for sleep (we know your little secret)!

This might sound like more work than you already have, but don’t stress - we do all of the behind the scenes bits so you can focus on the more important stuff, like keeping your channel chock-full of that good good Roblox content for your ONE MILLION SUBS (congrats, by the way!)


Another plus is that everything we make is printed to order, so you won't ever have to buy bulk inventory.

We hope we've struck your curiosity so if you like what you see, please contact us through this form on our site, or email Chris directly at

We tip our purple top hat to you!


Robyn, Ron and Chris :3

PS: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not too far away so it would be great to get in touch ASAP to get something in the works for those dates! :D