An Open Letter to CookieSwirlC

Dear Candace,

Thank you so much for reading this letter, it means the world to us! We promise to keep it brief and get right to it, so here we go...

The reason we chose to write you an open letter rather than sending an email or DM is because we like to make personal connections and chat openly with you; it’s much more real and much more our style! :3

Now, you must be wondering who we are...Hi, we’re Swag Junkies! We are a small merch company who love to work with excellent creators like yourself to provide you and your audience with merchandise that is unique to you and your community! Of course we do simple things like tees and hats, but we like to have fun with it and make things like mugs or socks available too. We do our part to make sure the product represents the creator, and Cookie, what better way to do that then with a sweater that looks good enough to eat!


We know you’re a busy lady, what with your amazing YouTube content and all of your lovely pets, so we give our creators the option of being as hands on or off as they’d like. You don’t have to spend any extra time deciding on things like colours or designs, we’ve got your back! All of our products are printed to order as well so that there’s never any cost for bulk inventory or hidden fees.

If we sound like the merch company for you, please contact us through this form on our site, or email Chris directly at

We hope Goldie, Farrah and Sugar are doing well!  <3



Robyn, Ron and Chris :3

PS: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up quickly; it would be great to get in touch before then to discuss launches! :D