An Open Letter to Flamingo

Dear Mr. Room Foam,

We’re so happy this letter got to you! We want to thank you for giving it a read, and we promise to not take too much of your time!

We know most companies would just send some sort of impersonal copy and pasted email, but we do things a little differently over here, so an open letter seemed like the perfect way to reach out. :3

Now for a quick introduction - Hey, we’re Swag Junkies! We are a small, close-knit merch company who thinks your content is great and we would love the opportunity to create some merch for your audience! We've worked with a wide variety of creators and have gotten tons of amazing artwork/illustrations done for various different styles of clothes, as well as things a little more obscure like mugs and socks, a Felipe Styrofoam head, whatever! We want our products to reflect the creator, and what better way to do that than your icon on a hoodie...Now we’d call that iconic!

We can only guess how busy you are as a full-time content creator, and that’s why we give you the option of being as hands on or off as you’d like! You probably don’t have the extra time to worry about things like colours and designs, so we’ve totally got you covered!

Also, all of our products are printed to order so there aren’t any extra payments for bulk inventory or any fees like that!

If we sound like a company you’d be interested in working with, please contact us through this form on our site, or email Chris directly at

Say hi to Cleetus for us!




Robyn, Ron and Chris :3

PS: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up quickly so it would be great to get in touch before then to discuss launches! :D